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Recording from Webinar: Maximizing AI Impact Through Data Quality and Advanced Strategies

This webinar was sent on June 12.

On June 12 we invited acclaimed speaker and AI-Guru Stefan Wendin, who sh into showed us some of the critical aspects of leveraging AI effectively by addressing common misconceptions, emphasizing the strategic importance of high-quality data, and explore advanced AI concepts. From this you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to transform your data into actionable insights, enhance collaborative data use, and implement feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.

The webinar covers:

  • AI Misconceptions
  • Data as a Competitive Edge
  • Value of Active Data
  • Importance of Feedback Loops
  • The Future of Data Agents

About Stefan Wendin

Stefan Wendin is a leader in AI-driven innovation, with over two decades of experience in business strategy and technological integration to propel companies to new heights of success. As a former pivotal leader at Neo4j, he notably headed the Innovation Lab and served as an advisor to the COO. Stefan has an acclaimed track record of harnessing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large language models to solve complex challenges and drive growth.

Stefan’s deep understanding of AI and human behavior, combined with his expertise in business strategy, makes him a sought-after figure for organizations aiming to leverage advanced technology to meet evolving business needs. His contributions have resonated across a spectrum of industries, leading transformative projects for global giants that have pushed the boundaries of innovation and impact. His work exemplifies technological and business acumen and a profound commitment to societal progress.

Recording from the webinar on June 12

Mia Kolmodin

Mia Kolmodin

Mia Kolmodin är en av grundarna av Moderna Ledare samt av Dandy People. "Mia is an extremely powerful thought leader, consultant and manager who is able to act effectively in a variety of circumstances. I am grateful for the contribution of wise thoughts for the readers of my book "Management in Times of War". Kostiantyn Koshelenko, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Social Policy for Digital Transformation